Time To Visit

Best time to visit Pachmarhi and reccomended duration of your stay
Although Pachmarhi can be visited at any time in the year yet, some months are the best for visit.

Winter :- (Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb) this period is the best time to visit Pachmarhi. The temperature is about 50-260 c. Pachmarhi festivals are also organized in December.

Summer :- (March, April, May, June) the temperature in Pachmarhi in this season is about 140- 350c. A heavy crowd in this season comes here to spend their summer holidays. In this season waterfalls, forest trekking can be fully enjoyed.

Monsoon :- (July Aug, Sept) the temperature in Pachmarhi in this season is about 100- 250c. It’s a place of maximum rain in Madhya Pradesh. Approximately 120 inches rain is read here, natural greenery and natural rainy waterfalls seen here and there, but forest department prohibits assess to some forest area due to heavy rain.

Duration of stay –
A plan should be made of 5-10 days or more than 10 days for Pachmarhi. There are more than 50 beautiful places to see and 75 private, 15 Madhya Pradesh tourism hotels in Pachmarhi, where you can stay according to your budget. Besides there are many places to visit in Madhya Pradesh like – Mandu, Sanchi, Ujjain, Khajuraho, Jabalpur marvel rocks, Oracha, Omkarashwer etc.