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Pachmarhi Tourist Places & Spots to Visit

Packing a lot of interesting places in its hide, there are many tourist places in Pachmarhi that will leave you wanting for more. A hill station for all seasons, this place is a dream come true for those that love nature with a tinge of adventure. Pachmarhi comes with thousands of years of history, which makes the place ideal for tourists and visitors as well as those looking for some peaceful spirituality.

For all those who love to explore, Pachmarhi tourist places such as the Pandava Caves make it the perfect tourist spot. Said to be constructed in 6th or 7th Century, these caves are a national heritage. Tourists from all over the country come to Pachmarhi to experience the scintillating greenery and the serenity of the mountains. No matter what you like, you will find something worthwhile here. From the enchanting waterfalls, to the outstretched national parks, the places to visit at Pachmarhi are just perfect for your holidays.

For the nature lovers, the Pachmarhi tourist spot Dhoopghar, is the highest point here. You can enjoy breathtaking sunrises and calming sunsets that will leave you mesmerised. There are many temples to visit that tourists can visit too. Pachmarhi is spread across 4,900 km² area and has many wildlife sanctuaries and national parts to its name too. Many tourists visit these places as they sign up for activities like trekking, hiking or safari rides to experience life among the wildlife.

We make sure that you, as a tourist, get the most out of your experience by assisting you in any way we can. Our guides and staff have the exclusivity of taking you to visit the places that are scintillating and yet, hidden from the world. Book your stay with us to get the most of your holiday.

All these places to visit at Pachmarhi are sure to enhance your holiday experience, leaving you with a sense of enjoyment and rejuvenation that breaks you away from the monotony of everyday life. These Pachmarhi places to visit are among the major attractions of India and for anyone trying to spend a few days in tranquillity and calmness, these Pachmarhi tourist places are just the place for you.